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What is SPF?

SPF is a mail security mechanism that helps prevent e-mail spoofing. E-mail spoofing is when someone sends an e-mail with a fake sender's address. SPF helps to verify that the sender of an e-mail is who they say they are, and it can help to prevent e-mails from being spoofed.

SPF works by publishing a list of IP addresses authorized to send an e-mail to a domain. When someone tries to send an e-mail from a domain that has SPF enabled, their mail server will check the SPF record to see if their IP address is authorized. If the IP address is not authorized, the e-mail will be rejected.

Does SPF replace DKIM?

SPF can help to prevent e-mail spoofing, but it is not a perfect solution. The mechanism breaks on forwarded mails. They are legit mails received via a server that is not listed in the SPF-record. That said, SPF can be a helpful tool in preventing e-mail spoofing, and it is recommended for all domains that send e-mails. However, you should always combine SPF with DKIM signatures.


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