to secure your mail

Tools to improve mail security


Guarantee error-free mail delivery by monitoring SPF and DKIM mechanisms using DMARC.

Generate DNS records

Provides you with the DNS settings required to set up DMARC and DANE.

Mail and webhook alerts

Get mail or automatically act on notifications using webhooks.

Prevent phishing

DMARC Monitoring

DMARC is an anti-spam and email security measure that uses the SPF and DKIM protocols to verify the identity of the sender of an email and whether or not the email has been altered in transit. It also provides a mechanism for reporting suspicious or fraudulent emails to the sender's domain administrator. Learn more »

Protect senders

DANE check

DANE is a mechanism that protects the sender of an email by verifying that they are securely connected to the genuine mail server. That prevents MITM attacks where the sender and mail server may be intercepted. Learn more »

Protect senders


MTA-STS is a protocol that enables mail servers to secure email transmissions by establishing a policy for TLS encryption. Learn more »

Authorize mail servers


SPF is a mail security mechanism that helps prevent spam by publishing a list of IP addresses authorized to send an email from a domain. Learn more »

Sign mails


DKIM is a system that helps to prevent email message tampering by adding digital signatures to outgoing messages. The receiving server can verify these signatures, ensuring that the message has not been altered in transit. Learn more »

Protect your DNS


DNSSEC is an extension to DNS that helps protect it against specific attacks by digitally signing records. It is essential for mail security because all techniques listed above depend on DNS. Learn more »

Check your domain